A Customer Experience:
   How Our Time Matters Problems were Resolved by Converting to LAWS/Pro

"We have been using Time Matters and Quickbooks for years to manage our law practice. We are a small firm of six people and we felt that these packages would meet our basic needs. Over the years we have continued to upgrade to newer versions and work through our issues and limitations. Finally when DTBusiness approached us about LAWS/Pro, we decided it was time to make a change. Here are some of the primary Time Matters issues we were experiencing:"
  • We had over 14,000 Contacts in Time Matters and could no longer report or do extracts on them. We had to work with smaller groups in order to get reports or lists.
  • We had Matters that became dis-associated with Clients and were lost and forgotten in never never land. Some of these had work associated with them that was never billed.
  • Payments were allocated to Clients rather than Matters. Time Matters could not keep specific Matter A/R balances.
  • We had hundreds of zero balance invoices printing at each billing cycle that we could not stop from printing.
  • Our Quickbooks required double entry and it never balanced with Time Matters.
  • It took me three days each month just to do billing and it was painful.
  • We kept getting promises that our Time Matters issues would be resolved with the next release but they never were.
  • Finally, we received a lovely letter from LexisNexis that notified us of a substantial increase in our annual Time Matters maintenance fees.
"To be honest we were a little bit leary about converting to a cloud or Internet based system. What if the Internet went down, where is our data being stored at, etc. But DTBusiness assured us that we would be more than pleased. And indeed we were pleasantly surprised."
"The conversion went extremely smooth. DTBusiness came in, ran a program and obtained our data about a week before we were scheduled to go live. They loaded our data into LAWS/Pro and we were able to review it. Then, the morning of the conversion they took another copy of our data at 8:00 am and by 9:00 am we were up and running. They converted everything over including client payment and billing histories. They even loaded copies of all the previous client invoices into the document repository. It was easy and painless. The LAWS/Pro system is so much faster. I no longer have to take breaks while my report requests are processed."
"The conversion was followed by training. Training sessions were as long as we wanted them to be. They asked us some great questions and worked hard to understand how we worked. We were able to change the way we did a few things and we became much more efficient. By the end of the first day we were processing our receipts, writing disbursements and we were shown how the billing process works. We went through and made sure that the new system balanced with our old Time Matters and Quickbooks software. It matched perfectly."
Resolved Issues "We converted on a Monday. On Friday of that week I ran our billing on LAWS/Pro for the first time. What used to take three days now only requires a half day. LAWS/Pro not only met our basic needs but it has given us so much more. With the LAWS/Pro management reporting, we have better control over our operations. We can now implement procedures and policies within the office that we couldn't before because we couldn't measure it. I can now follow a General Ledger journal entry clear down to the specific time entry that contributed to it. Client Trust Accounts now work directly with Client Costs and Disbursements. Everything works together seamlessly."
"We also continue to be impressed with the customer support we receive from DTBusiness. They are very responsive and take the time to make sure we fully understand how it all works. Virtually all of our problems have turned out to be things we were doing wrong. Each of these were quickly resolved at their over the phone training is wonderful. They even make pro-active calls to us just to see how everything is going. We have never seen anything close to this level of service with any of our previous software providers."
"I absolutely love LAWS/Pro. Everything just works. My only regret is that we didn't switch a long time ago."
A Very Happy Law Firm Administrator

DTBusiness is serious about protecting our customers privacy. As such we do not publish information here with specific customer names and contact information. However if you give us a call we do have a long list of customers that would be more than happy to talk to you about their specific experiences with LAWS/Pro.
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