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Cloud Computing, SaaS and Web 2.0 are all relatively new industry buzzwords describing the latest in "New Technologies" and the exciting future for computer applications. These terms are being thrown around in magazines, articles and technology forums as the new wave and the growth opportunity for the coming years.

Cloud Computing deploys software applications directly from the Internet and can be securely accessed using any common web browser. It's much more than comprehensive application software. It's a complete data center infrastructure including networking, storage, operating systems, databases, application servers, web servers, security, updates, user management, backup services, and disaster recovery.

Cloud Processing dramatically decreases initial software and recurring IT costs saving even the smallest firm thousands of dollars each year.

If these terms are new to you and you want to learn more about them, here are a few articles and web sites that can help:

We at DeskTop Business Solutions have news for everyone: These technologies aren't that new!

Our LAWS/Pro product has been using these "new" technologies since its introduction nine years ago. LAWS/Pro was created with a vision that by utilizing the latest web-based technologies, we could provide easy to use, robust computer applications quicker, and more cost effective to our customers. Our flagship LAWS product is been a feature-packed PC-based product used by the legal profession for the last 20+ years. LAWS/Pro was specifically created to provide a legal cloud computing application to our customers like "Cloud Computing" or "SaaS" describes. Our patented VerFast technology brought Web 2.0 to the LAWS/Pro application a number of years ago. We at DTBS are committed to continued product improvement and we are proud to say we are still ahead of the curve!

Now with our current release of LAWS/Pro, our customers continue to see the benefits of this vision including:

  • Anytime/Anywhere program access
  • Immediate availability of new features
  • Elimination of up front license fees
  • Reduced in-house IT infrastructure costs
  • Better data backups
  • Synchronization with other calendars such as mobile phones
  • and much more
So go ahead, view our demo's, look around our web site and then when your ready to experience the future today, sign up for a free trial of LAWS/Pro.