LAWS/Pro: How to Void Checks

Occasionally situations arise when a disbursement check must be voided. Until now LAWS/Pro required a "long form" method to Void Checks consisting of re-entering and posting the negative check information as a manual check.
A much easier method of voiding checks is now available and demonstrated herein.
Please Note: This method of voiding checks ALWAYS uses the current system date as the void date. If the voided check must be recorded on a date other than the current system date, then the long form method of voiding must be used.

  Void Checks as follows:

1) The quick method of voiding checks is performed through the "Check Register Inquiry" feature. Initiate the "Void" by accessing the Check Register.
2) Utilize the selection criteria to select and display the check(s) to be voided.
3) Once the selected checks are displayed, you will notice a "Void" checkbox at the far right end of each transaction. Click the checkbox associated with the checks to be voided.
4) Confirm the void "Confirmation Message" to complete the transaction.
The Void process is now complete! The original disbursement general ledger transaction is reversed. All associated client costs, originally posted to the client's work in process account, are offset with a reversing WIP transaction.
The Voided transaction IS NOT added into the pending disbursement list. If the check is to be re-generated, it must be re-entered manually.

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