L.A.W.S./Pro Product Requirements

The L.A.W.S./Pro program is 100% web-based so the requirements are very basic. Here is what you need to use it on your computer:
Supported Web Browser
L.A.W.S./Pro has been tested extensively with the following web browsers:
     Mozilla Firefox version 5.0+ (www.mozilla.com)
     Internet Explorer version 7.0+ (www.microsoft.com)
Although the application may work on other browsers these are the specific ones that we have tested and can support. All these are available free of charge from the websites listed.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
The L.A.W.S./Pro application produces all reports in Adobe PDF format. This makes them easy to read and perfect to print, store and distribute. You can get Adobe Acrobat Reader free by going to www.adobe.com.

Specific Browser Options Required

Cookies Enabled
You must have temporary cookies enabled on your browser for L.A.W.S./Pro to function. The application uses cookies to carry your login information between pages on the system. If you do not have cookies enabled you can not sign in.
Popups Enabled
L.A.W.S./Pro uses popup screens for many functions. In fact upon logging in one of the first things that occurs is a special popup window is created which is then used for data validation in our patented VerFast technology. You can read more about enabling popups on your system by clicking here.
Minimum 1024 x 768 Screen Size
L.A.W.S./Pro at times needs to display a lot of information. As such the minimum screen size you should use is 1024 x 768. This has become the lowest common screen size on most newer computers. Lower resolution screen sizes may still function but could be awkward to see and use.
Reduced Page Caching
Most browsers offer options specific to page caching. Specifically there is usually a default option to "Check for page changes automatically". This should be set to "Check pages on each visit" to avoid potential problems of pages not showing correctly within the L.A.W.S./Pro application.