Activity Calendar

Calendar Demonstrations:
Calendar Widgets: A review of the use and purpose of Calendar Widgets(Calendar Functions).
Enter WIP: Use the Calendar to add new, and modify existing, WIP entries; Review Calendar Groups.
Activity Calendar
The Activity Calendar is used to record and store appointments, time, and billing information. The LAWS/Pro Activity Calendar page is made of "widgets" or smaller dialogs that can be customized according to the users needs. For example, one person may prefer to see their personal daily calendar, a month calendar a clock, and a single time entry feature. An administrator may wish to see multiple peoples calendars and be able to enter many appointments or time entries at one time. Each can tailor their display according to their job functions and needs. Each will have their customized view each time they log into LAWS/Pro.
Calendar entries may be time specific or general reminders or to do items for a specific day. Completed items are marked and immediately are ready for billing. Past due items are presented as reminders. Scheduled and billed time is tracked for productivity and goal reporting.`
There is no need to remember complex codes or numbering schemes when entering information. Although your specific information may have been created with older style numeric codes you can easily select them on any field by typing any part of their name. Our patented VerFast technologies will immediately assist you in quickly selecting your intended item from a list. For those that are used to entering an item number or code, that too can be entered in the same manner. This makes the selecting of all information quick for everyone.
Some of the other features available within the LAWS/Pro Activity Calendar include:
    * Scheduled appointments may be directly posted to the clients work in process account and stored for invoicing without re-keying the transaction.
    * Non-calendared time and expense transactions may posted to the clients' accounts and stored for invoicing.
    * Lists a daily summary of all calendared and non-calendared transactions encouraging regular review of the days activity.
    * Displays a daily, weekly, or month at a glance calendar.
    * Allows the display all transactions associated with a specified client, matter/project, or attorney/consultant within a entered date range.
    * Utilizes predefined time and expense billing codes which automatically fill in the description of service when selected. The inserted descriptions may be edited as desired.
    * Billing rates may be set by attorney/consultant, client or matter/project.
    * Automatic or manual calculation of fees based on attorney/consultant rate schedules.
    * A Pop-up Activity Timer may be used to quickly and easily record time and expenses incurred during functions such as legal research, managing documents, reviewing and drafting e-mail messages, etc.