Cash Disbursements

Disbursements Demonstrations:
Check Writing: Reviews entering Disbursement requests and Printing Checks.
Cash Disbursements
The L.A.W.S./Pro Cash Disbursements module is a robust, fully integrated, system designed to process and monitor all funds disbursed by the firm. Its functions include:
Defining commonly used vendors including the usual general ledger distribution associated with the vendors invoices.
Writing system generated checks or processing manually prepared checks.
Wide variety of check registers.
Reconciling the firms cash account balance with the bank statement balance.
Client Costs, contained on disbursement checks, are automatically transferred into WIP (work in process) and stored for future invoicing. When a check is generated, the disbursement activity is automatically posted to the General Ledger. The "Write Checks" function provides the means to easily enter cash disbursement information onto the system. Checks may be immediately printed when invoices are entered into the system, or the disbursement information may be entered and stored for check writing at a later date.
Basic invoice identification information is entered at the top of the form. The distribution of the invoice is entered in the lower portion of the form. Each invoice may be distributed to multiple general ledger numbers or distributed between multiple client and matters.
Once the check is printed, the portion of the invoice distributed to each matter is automatically posted to the clients work in process account and stored for future billing. The firm's cash balance is automatically decreased and the expense is recorded correctly.
Specific features available within the L.A.W.S./Pro Cash Disbursement system include:
Fully integrated with the General Ledger function.
Client Costs automatically post to the client's work in process account and are stored for future invoicing.
Provides the ability of printing a check or of processing a manually prepared check.
Allows the option of pre-defining vendor information.
Allows the option of immediately writing checks, or of entering and storing disbursement transactions for generation at a future date.
Produces a variety of check registers reporting disbursement information.