General Ledger

General Ledger
The L.A.W.S./Pro General Ledger module is fully integrated with all other systems. Revenue is automatically posted from cash receipts processing and Expenses are posted through cash disbursements. Manual Journal Entries may be posted to account for all non-system generated entries.
L.A.W.S./Pro utilizes the "Cash Basis" accounting method. Accordingly, WIP, A/R and open payable balances are not maintained within the General Ledger but are instead extensively reported throughout the system on subsidiary ledgers. If accrual basis accounting is desired, journal entries may be generated at month end recording the desired accrual activity.
L.A.W.S./Pro provides the firm with extensive productivity reporting addressing:

The current financial standing of the firm general ledger reports including Trial Balances, Detail G/L's and Financial Statements.
Comparison of the firms current financial position to the last years performance,
Comparison of the firms current financial position to a pre-determined budget,
Immediate Cash Balance reporting,
Detailed analysis of attorney performance,
Comparison of current year attorney performance to a pre-determined budget.