Invoicing Demonstrations:
Invoicing: A review of the entire Invoicing process including:
  • Selecting matters for invoicing;
  • Generating billing drafts;
  • Modifying invoice options;
  • Modifying work in process;
  • Printing invoices;
  • Generating ASCII billings;
  • and Generating Billing Journals to a PDF or Excel file.
  • Invoicing
    LAWS/Pro Invoicing provides the ability to review and invoice client's work in process.
    The Invoicing process is simple and straight forward. It starts with the automatic selection all matters containing work in process balances. The selection process may include the entire firm or be filtered based on a minimum amount due or to include a single billing attorney, client, or matter.
    The selected matters are listed with several available actions including:

    Printing Drafts: A Draft is a pre-bill work-sheet detailing the work-in-process (WIP) which will be billed. Drafts are often generated prior to the invoice allowing review, and possible modification of the work in process by the attorney before billing.

    Printing Invoices: The invoice is professional looking and may be tailored to your firms, or specific client, needs by selecting various yes/no options. If required a copy of the bill may be generated in one of many electronic submission formats - such as the LEDES 1998B - and forwarded for processing.

    Billing Journals: If desired, a journal may be generated summarizing the invoices in process. The journal may be printed through a PDF file or exported to an excel spreadsheet.

    Electronic Invoicing: Many service orgainzations must submit electronic billings to their clients. LAWS/Pro privides the ability to generate Electornic files in industry standard LEDES 1998B, ELF, or in a plain ASCII file dump.

    Posting: Automatically relieves the invoiced work in process and creates the accounts receivable record. If specified, the invoice can also be automatically e-mailed to the client and/or stored in the LAWS/Pro document repository.
    Specific features available within the LAWS/Pro Client Invoicing include: * Seamlessly integrated with the LAWS/Pro Activity Calendar, Accounts Receivable, Cash Receipts, Check Writing, and General Ledger. * Simple selection and display of all matters containing work in process balances to be billed. * Complete listing of billable transactions by matter allowing the simple modification, addition, or deletion of billable entries. * Ability to print pre-bill draft worksheets for attorney review prior to invoicing. * Wide variety of user defined billing options are customizable by client. * Generates professional looking client invoices. * Client invoices may automatically be stored in the LAWS/Pro document repository eliminating the need for manual filing. * Invoices may be e-mailed to the client eliminating the time and expense of postage and mailing. * Compatible with the LEDES 1998B electronic submission format.