Productivity Reporting

Productivity Demonstrations:
YTD Performance: A report which summaries monthly and YTD production within functional categories.
Attorney Budget: A report which compares actual performance to pre-determined expectations.
LAWS/Pro is a 100% Internet-based practice management application providing the service industry with anytime-anywhere access to their internal accounting records, - time, billing, accounts receivable, calendar, check writing, general ledger.
An integral aspect of LAWS/Pro is its ability to analyze and report the performance of the firm. Please review the following reports designed to help manage your firm.
YTD Performance: The YTD Performance program provides a quick review of the Firms performance summarized by either Attorney, Client, or Firm. Major categories of performance are summarized into a single line reporting both Year To Date totals along with performance summarized by month.
Attorney Budget: The Attorney Budget program is designed to compare actual Attorney performance to predefined budget values yielding a variance between actual performance and the desired budgeted performance.

General Ledger
Financial Statements: Financial Statements provides the ability to print standard financial statements including the income statement and balance sheet.
Trial Balance: The Trial Balance provides a review of the Firms general ledger balances by displaying a beginning balance, period debits, period credits, and the ending balance. Depending on the selection options, the report may report totals per GL Account Number, or the detail transactions posted to each account.
Trust Ledger: The Trust Ledger displays the Trust Balance and supporting transactions by Trust Account, Client, and Matter.
Cash Management
Daily Activity: Daily Activity provides a quick review of the Firms three most important assets, Cash, Accounts Receivable, and Work In Process. The review allows the user to select a date range and the type of asset to be displayed.
Cash Receipts Journal: The Cash Journal allows the user to select and review Cash Receipts and/or Adjustments received and processed by the Firm based on the receipt or adjustment date. The receipts may be summarized and sorted by virtually any manner including the individual responsible for generating the receipt, the client remitting payment, or detail transactions.
Check Register: The Check Register allows the user to select and review Cash Disbursements paid by the Firm. Checks may be selected and sorted by a wide variety of selection options.
Time and Billing
WIP Report: The WIP Inquiry program provides the means to select and review accumulated work in process by virtually any means desired.
Hours Worked Report: The Hours Worked report produces a single line total of hours worked per Attorney per day for each day within the reporting month.
Billing Journal: The Bill Journal allows the user to select and review invoices produced by the Firm based on the date of the invoice.
Aged AR Report: The Aged Ar Report allows the user to review accounts receivable balances based on the age of the invoice.