Setup Demonstrations:
Loading Pre-defined Data: Reviews the option of populating tables with pre-defined data.
Firm Setup: Reviews the setup and modification of your Firm.
Attorney Setup: Reviews the modification and creation of Attorneys or Timekeepers.
Client Setup: Demonstrates the process of creating new Clients.
Matter Setup: Demonstrates the creation of new Matters, or Jobs, associated with existing Clients.

Certain data must be initially entered into LAWS/Pro which is then referred to many times. For example, an attorney or client will be physically entered once, then referenced many times when posting time, calendar entries, receipts, etc.
Setup provides the means of originally entering the data which is then referred to repeatedly throughout the application as described below:
Firm Setup: Defines information unique pertaining to your firm such as your firm name, address, default billing options, fiscal start date, and custom settings allowing LAWS/Pro to be tailored to your firms unique needs. Much firm information is automatically captured during the initial new firm sign up process.
Attorney/Timekeeper Setup: All individuals utilizing LAWS/Pro including attorneys, paralegals, clerks, administrative support, etc., must be defined within Attorney Setup prior to being accessed within the LAWS/Pro.
Client Setup: Client refers to a specific company, individual or other entity for whom the firm renders services. Client information, such as their name, address, etc, is entered once into LAWS/Pro through Client Setup, then referred to thereafter as needed throughout the application.
Matter Setup: A Matter represents a file or case associated with a specific client. Matters are always associated with Clients. For example, Client "ABC" may have two Matters, "ABC vs Walker" and "ABC vs Smith". Matter Setup provides the means of entering specific data such as the matters caption, claim number, etc.
Bill Codes: Bill Code's are abbreviated codes that reference functions regularly performed. They streamline the recording of billable services rendered. For example: the Bill Code "TC" may reference and insert into the time entry description "Telephone call to client". LAWS/Pro provides standard bill codes which may be utilized by subscribing firms.
General Ledger: Defines the general ledger numbers utilized by the firm. LAWS/Pro provides standard general numbers which may be utilized by subscribing firms.